A Perimeter protection is the first line of defense in providing security for any facility in the outdoor. Though it can be accomplished by quite a few means but the most appropriate one is with Optimal Accuracy and Cost Effectiveness. Using cameras in outdoors could become a big source of nuisance alarms. Because it’s hard for smart cameras while mounted high on poles to sense moving object in a scene when the entire field of view is also vibrating from wind. On the other hand for indoor surveillance, such camera wobble is hardly ever a problem.

ANSARIES have achieved the most accurate & cost effective perimeter security for outdoor areas by knowing the nature and location of an intrusion, allowing an effective response.  We use specialized tools, technologies and highly sophisticated products to achieve maximum accurate perimeter protection. While there are a number of options available for perimeter security but few of them as mentioned below are the strong contender in this area.

  • Using Thermal Cameras Instead of Visible Cameras
  • Using Image Stabilization for Accurate Outdoor Video Security
  • On-Board Processing & Video Memory Buffers
  • Using Video Analytics Specifically Designed For Outdoor Use
  • Using GPS Video Analytics for Accurate Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Using Size Filters for Video Analytics Accuracy
  • Determine an Analytics Camera’s True Detection Range
  • Covering Perimeter Camera Blind Spots
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