iSense is not a name of technology or a component of some existing software; albeit; iSense is a middle layer agent that extends the capability of an existing ANPR system based on various  kind of NPR systems/engines. NPR engines can only retrieve the License Plate information by reading the image and doesn’t provide any features for manipulating that data usefully. Once the OCR Processed LP is retrieved then it needs to be stored somewhere and some software application is required to provide useful information from this repository. iSense provide all the required framework for this kind of useful information retrieval from the raw data provided by the ANPR Engine e.g. searching the lists of License Plates and Un-Authorized LP detection and alarming, report generation based on arrival point and time etc.

With various formats of License Number Plates across several countries in the world have made it very difficult for a single NPR Engine to read them all although there are N PE Engines Like ARH Carmen™ present in the

parking control anpr systemmarket that can scan more than 100 different kind of License Plates including Latin and Arabic as well. But still there was a need of versatile middle software that could provide Central Consistent repository for storing the License Plates and provide a customizable interface for plugging it into any kind of NPR Engines available in the market. This extends the scope of NPR solution to various levels even at the land border gate of two countries iSense can be deployed to read the format of both countries’ License Plates by interfacing to two separate engines while the User will have the same look and feel for interacting with the software.

Key Features:

  • User Friendly interface requires virtually no training
  • Provides LP classification e.g. Country, State, Commercial, Civil, Defense & Government Vehicle recognition based on LP Format
  • High tolerance of diverse plate sizes
  • High speed processing measured up to 70 plates per second (lab result)
  • Secure data access based on privileges
  • Alarm system initiation after identifying Un-Authorized or Black-listed LPs


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