Information analysis, vigilance and situation awareness, is the fundamental component of any surveillance system in workplaces, businesses, production facilities and public places etc. All such information needs to be gathered in an exclusive place, Control Room, so that the information can be used to provide an appropriate response to a particular incident within a reasonable timing. A well designed control room is a mandatory part of any integrated security solution. It should provide its operator(s) an accurate perception of the current condition of the process and equipment, a cleaner & distraction free environment and the physical interface between the operator and the equipment must be properly design.

Centralized control rooms are often part of a larger strategy of big scale organizations; Government or Oil & Gas sectors etc. As these organizations evolve and grow over the years, they need to centralize their control rooms at some point of time. Mainly, to create a work environment that promotes high levels of vigilance and situation awareness for the operators and to remain alert and prepared to act accordingly. Secondly, to reduce the cost associated with maintaining redundant security equipments distributed around different offices and plants. These are the major reasons behind companies for developing the PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) Software Systems. It enables operators to enhance communication among various premises/units and promote effective coordination for smooth operations and more effective responses to unpleasant incidents.

ANSARIES are absolutely current with this demanding requirement of the market. We have been observing the Market Trends towards these changes and been updating our product profile, for which we partnered with some of the World´s Leading and most Innovative Manufacturers of Control Room equipments.

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