From your home or local corner store to multi-million dollars futuristic businesses, for achieving viable presence, the security plays an important role. For this reason, Security and Control is the most significant concern entities have these days for their employees, premises or strategic assets.

Whether it is Retail, Malls/Public Spaces, Hospitality, Residential, Royal Palaces, Corporate Entities, Production & Warehousing Facilities, Educational Institutions, Oil & Gas, Military/Defense or Government etc., each sector gives strategic importance to security pertaining to the nature of the concern.

ANSARIES take you few steps forward than conventional security systems. Our integrated approach delivers complete security understanding for each of the above mentioned markets.  Although, each entity has its own set of requirements for the security & control but following are the common solutions which prevails these days as a part of a complete Integrated Security Solution.

In addition, we recommend our clients a set of best practices guidelines to support in decisions and actions about security system deployment. Together, we can help you build a total, secure environment for your facilities, helping you protect people, property and data.

Some of the characteristics of security & control systems are as follows:

  • Unmatched graphics for a comprehensive, powerful view of facility security
  • Seamless integration with digital video
  • Advanced alarm management
  • Intelligent yet user-friendly reporting
  • Flexible access scheduling
  • Customized forms and templates for editing and managing personnel access rights
  • Effective identification through photo badging or biometrics
  • Link multiple cameras per alarm or point for automatic display
  • View live or recorded video on-demand for any alarm or event
  • Easy storage, search and control of digital recordings on hard disk
  • Integrated pan-tilt-zoom controls to view every area effectively
  • IP support for easy connectivity
  • Alarms on a need-to-know basis
  • Dynamic event and alarm views
  • Powerful event and alarm filters
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Industry-standard technology
  • Administration and reporting
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