ANSARIES carefully consider your life style from any setting – your home, high rise apartment or multi-dwelling unit can be easily customized to fuse seamlessly with your personal décor and aesthetic taste. ANSARIES provide Smart Home Technology that streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. ANSARIES Provide the homeowners with a single system approach to manage a wide range of home electronics, our solutions eliminates the need to walk from room to room to adjust drapes, lights, temperature.

Home Automation And ControlHome Automation & Control

We put you in a complete command of virtually any appliance, device or technology in your home and you can retain the same level of control from a half-a-world away using your iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.

Whole House AudioWhole-House Audio

From smooth Jazz and Heavy Metal, ANSARIES provide an easy access & distribution to vast libraries of media from any room in the house. Everyone can select their own music from any room and listen wherever they are. We have complete, integrated audio distribution solutions in a simple to use, but affordable solution.

Intelligent LightingIntelligent Lighting

Harness the energy saving power of automatic dimming, daylight harvesting, load shedding and demand response. Adjust lights and shades throughout the home from any room. ANSARIES provides one-touch access to numerous intelligent lighting schemes tailored to any lifestyle. As an example, one simple tap on your iPad or iPod touch remote can activate your exterior floodlights and turn off all interior lighting for nighttime security and energy efficiency.

Climate ControlClimate Control

Homeowners can create a comfortable environment and help reduce their energy costs by using ANSARIES designed control system to manage their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. ANSARIES enables homeowners to monitor heating and cooling systems with total control of thermostats.

Safety And SecuritySafety & Security

Left home in a hurry? With a single press of a button from an iPhone, you can lock exterior doors, activate their security system and view surveillance cameras. We provide the total control of intruder security system; you can lock and unlock windows, doors, gates and garages to ensure the home security.

Energy ManagementEnergy Management

ANSARIES allows homeowners to reduce energy consumption, conserve resources and save money, all without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Eliminate the inefficiencies, costs and hassles of monitoring many disparate systems from different platforms. Through seamless integration of our superior control system, you can have scalable and robust residential lighting system that connects every room in your entire home. Intuitively manage, monitor, and schedule every environmental and audio/video system from any touch screen, web browser, or mobile device for peak performance and optimal energy savings.

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