Add smart remote control to enhance your business, during important meetings, never waste your time or focus fumbling around with multiple remotes to pilot a presentation. ANSARIES is expert in Control and Automation, we offers simple, efficient, and productive with cost-effective integrated solutions for today´s technology rich presentation facilities including media-driven presentation facilities with participants in the room or audio conferencing or videoconferencing. To ensure a meeting runs seamlessly from beginning to end, our solutions maximize your communication experience in your meeting by automating and controlling environmental controls like HVAC, window treatments, and lighting presets, audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs, microphones, cameras, speakers, computers and internet access, and electronic voting with our Touch Panels.

HD Video ConferencingHD Video Conferencing

ANSARIES solutions not only bring the immersive tele-presence experience to the board room, but also to conference rooms, executive offices and remote workers, increasing productivity and collaboration while ensuring minimal business disruption when travel isn´t an option. People expect technology to work – every time. Pick up a phone anywhere in the world, dial and connect instantly without a thought to the technical feats behind it.

Multi Touch Smart BoardsMulti Touch Smart Boards

ANSARIES have sleek interactive smart board display solutions with contemporary design to complement the business environment. We offer HD 1080P with multi-touch capabilities and supports common multi-touch gestures currently recognized in the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system, enabling multiple users to create and interact with digital content simultaneously.

multi touch screensMulti Touch Screens

The future of the Conference rooms is Multi touch meeting room table and multi-touch screen. Imagine an interactive digital experience that combines a megapixel display of impressive screen and superb image resolution with real-time digital content. ANSARIES provides an interaction of 32 touches with the touch table and touch wall.

Meeting Room Booking with MS OutlookMeeting Room Booking with MS Outlook

ANSARIES offers meeting room booking solution so you never face double booking, interrupted meetings or wasted slots. ANSARIES offers solutions that show booking status clearly outside the meeting room. We offer solution that you book meetings just as you have always done in Microsoft Outlook. If room is book, time and duration of the room will be displayed on screen panel and in the MS Outlook.

Congress SolutionCongress Solution

ANSARIES holds reputation on a global scale for its excellent high performance solutions for boardrooms. Our congress solution bring befits of innovative digital technology to discussion and conference systems. We offer digital system that has versatility, high audio quality and data transmission while providing complete control over conference proceeding.

Flip Board & Motorized Display PanelsFlip Board & Motorized Display Panels

ANSARIES has been providing solutions with exclusive, elegant and smart solutions to contribute in creating a perfect meeting room. These screens are only viewed when required and are retracted inside the table surface when are not in used; keeping the table completely free for any objective element through the simple touch of a button or remotely controlled.

Shades And Climate ControlShades & Climate Control

We elegantly blend designer window treatments with intelligent room control by delivering the most effective energy management solution. A variety of styles and opacity ensure the perfect solution for any conference room. Whether you want to keep light in or out, optimize natural light in the conference room or reduce solar heat gain, our shades solutions are the right solutions to complete your lighting control and energy management system. ANSARIES has solutions with improve programmable climate control for maximum comfort and convenience. You can control your cooling temperature before the meeting condensed by adding the meeting schedule in the control system.

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