Right now, manufacturers and service providers are emphasizing to produces products and services that turn a normal building into automated building. Buildings are fully automated to conserve energy, utilize lighting in accordance to the requirements of the business and help its management to save lot of money by automating different automation.

Energy Management Green LightingEnergy Management/ Green Lighting

Harness the energy saving power of automatic dimming, daylight harvesting, load shedding and demand response. Adjust lights and shades throughout the building. ANSARIES enables building management to monitor cooling or heating systems with total control of thermostats. ANSARIES help management to reduce energy consumption, conserve resources and save revenue. Eliminate the inefficiencies, costs and hassles of monitoring many disparate systems from different platforms.

Master ClockMaster Clock

Time is important but it is much more important when precision is required. ANSARIES bring precise synchronization solution with world renowned brand Master Clock. One clock many solutions; precise time & cost effective solutions for computers, networks and other devices.

Auditorium AutomationAuditorium Automation

Educational institutions are increasingly embracing technology in the classroom and auditoriums as a means for improving academic achievement. ANSARIES Education Solutions are designed around the educator who without any prior training or technology experience can take control in a matter of minutes. After all, technology is meant to simplify the educator´s life, not further complicate it. Leave the technology integration to ANSARIES and let the educators focus on teaching and presenter to presentations.

Health Clubs - Spa, Pool & Fitness CentersHealth Clubs – Spa, Pool & Fitness Centers

We can control the distribution of audio and video signals to multiple displays or speakers, controls closed circuit security cameras, and information displays that bring member safety and enjoyment to health club members in pool, spas, fitness centers, and any other activity venues of a hotel. Health Clubs are continually looking for ways to attract and retain their customers. Our automation and control solutions can help you reach your customers with digital displays and with control of audio, video, and lighting to make enjoyable fitness experiences.

Background MusicBackground Music

Almost 1 in 4 diners surveyed were prepared to spend 5% more on food and drink in restaurants that played background music. These results highlight the link between music and profits, which is good news for restaurant and cafe owners in Hospitality industry seeking ways to improve their revenue. ANSARIES offer you state of the art solutions to help you keep the serene environment.

Public AddressingPublic Addressing

We offer the perfect blend of public address and superb sound. ANSARIES PA solutions are versatile, reliable, with ease of use and high tolerance and high performance on the long-term. Our solutions are future-proof and it plays an imperative role for scalability. As expert in the industry, ANSARIES is well-known around for premium communication solutions.

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