After sales support and maintenance services were always an ultimate priority to us. We have designed and recently deployed a support and RMA management portal order our clients will get the following benefits:-

  • A registered Client can register a complaint or a support call using and online web friendly support portal.
  • Once the complaint is registered a support engineer will be assigned to it immediately and correspond with the customer immediately after receiving the ticket.
  • The client can access the portal to see the recent reports/status of its complaint at any point of time.
  • Once the certification has been made the client will receive a detailed summary of its support ticket.

Click Here to visit the support portal if you are a registered client or

Apply Now for a registration

All our clients with whom we have maintenance contract are automatically registered on our support portal.

We do and maintenance contracts with our customers in very competitive while providing unique value added services for free. We have various types of service level agreement depending on the industry region and/or local regulation basis.

Following are the major area

  • Maintenance contract of AV Systems. Tooltip click here to download the SLA Template.
  • Maintenance contract of video Security solutions
    • For Dubai
    • For Abu Dhabi
    • For Other States
    • For other ME Region
    • For Africa
  • Maintenance contract of IT & Infrastructure


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