Ansari has been working with its partners in entire Middle East for many mission critical and highly sensitive projects where a highly professional and foolproof design would be the customer’s first priority.

Following are the major areas where you could hire us to either review your design and CONOPS model or even produce and ultimate foolproof design as per the international specs and standards.

Industrial & Military Grade Networking

Due to the immense scale and unique sensitivity requirement of the ME Region it is very important to keep in mind the environmental conditions while designing the data and video methods at the edge.

We design and supply extreme limperative rated hardware by Garrettcom. Which is a leading manufacturer with very little or no competition at all. Garrettcom is the leading designer and manufacturer of industrial and military grade networking products.

We provide free of cost consultancy and design support for your entire mission critical requirements.

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Perimeter Security
We also design highly intelligent and mission critical solutions using the most innovative and cutting edge technologies like intelligent and automated video security for perimeter.

Perimeter cameras that use video analytics are designed to detect movements, but outdoors, everything moves. Trees and foliage, small animals like squirrels and blowing debris can overload security operators with unusual alerts and alarms and undermine trust in the system. The foundation to accurate detection outdoors is to know the location of the detected object so its size can be determined. This is done with the cameras, sensors and technologies that are calibrated to use their field of view to the GPS coordinates of all points in the scene. Such GPS analytics can be used to set accurate size filters and eliminate movement that does not represent a security concern – like small animals or blowing debris – while detecting human sized intruders under all conditions.

For example a dog at 30 meter from the camera will look much bigger than a man at 300 meters from the camera, as you can see also:-

A smart camera needs to ignore the dog while alerting on the distant person even though the dog will cover more field of view.

Malls & Public Security

We have designed highly responsive systems and solutions for unique requirements of retail & malls. Our core considerations during the design of the control system are always from an operator perspective. Having thousands of cameras displayed 24/7 in front of the operators can sometime inverse the probability of missing an intrusion and sometimes such exercise can lead the operator to a bad health. An inappropriate design of the control room can badly affect the eyesight of the operator and inappropriate furniture can lead to a physical disability or extreme complication. So it is highly recommended that very keen observation should be practiced while designing such systems.

A lot of video analytics can be utilized for asset protection and it can help the operator catches an intrusion site when it happened. Integration of access control, digital signage, fire alarm system, intrusion detection system and even the people counting system are on the top of the priorities in our design practices.

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