Vision Hotel Ansari Project
Vision Hotel, Abu Dhabi
May 21, 2016
Hayat Regency Tanzania Ansari Project
Hayat Regency, Tanzania – IP Surveillance
May 18, 2016
CCTV Solution

Project Type:
CCTV Solution for Hotels
Project Locations: Dubai, UAE

Solution Details:
Turnkey project for CCTV Solution of around 200+ High Definition Geovision IP Surveillance Cameras. Desert Palm is one of our prestigious old customers, we started with CCTV Analog Camera Installation in the property yet given them the expert opinion to install IP Cameras instead of Analog CCTV cameras which resulted in changing their 180 Analog Cameras to HD IP Cameras over in 5 years’ span. Looking for similar projects click here or visit our facebook page for more recent activities.

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